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in your place... by Redchibi

in your place...


makes sacrifices for loves ones...if it comes down to it...;c was fearing the worst last night (still sort of am...) so mades this, was all redchibi could do to stop steady stream of tears...

late last night my lil dog Buddy suffered from we thought was a seizure ;'c, we went straight away to the emergency vet, they tested his vitals and everything seemed fine, by he way the vet acted it was something routine, that didn't make me worry and fear any less, earlier on when Buddy was younger learned that corgis were sometimes more likely to have seizures than other dogs...he was supposed to return to our regular vet today, to have blood work and check if there were other causes for what happened last night, if he ate something he shouldn't have or there was a metabolic issue...;c but our mom hasn't returned home yet (she was the one who took him) so I don't know what the vet said, which just makes me worry more for my lil baby, hopes is nothing serious or was just something minor or something easily handled...;'c

the same thing always goes through my head when things like this happen...when a loved one is hurting or may be in trouble or is be ill...whatevers afflicting them, i'll take it, if something were to happen let it happen to me...

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." - Thomas Paine

Buddy is be all the chibis family, is be redchibis baby, isn't human but that doesn't matter, loves him dearly...

edit; Mom said that Buddy had some blood drawn to rule out other things or find out what is wrong...but we won't know anything until tomorrow...;c he seems ok for nows, but I still can't stop myself from worrying about him...

any negative comments or users with be blocked/reported/so on...

edit2; got test results back, it came back just fine, redchibi guesses vet nu thought it was a seizure after all...;c concern about what did cause it...

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