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RWBY OC - Daven Colby by RebelMyth

RWBY OC - Daven Colby


Name: Daven Cordovan Tyrian Rauch Colby
Nickname: Dave, Emo McGee, Emo McGrimm
Age: 20
Gender: male
Race: Human
Affiliation(s): Beacon Academy

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117 llbs
Eye Colour: green
Hair: blue-ish black
Complexion: pale like a ghost holy shit

Status: Active
Occupation: student, hunter
Clothing: slim-fit pants/jeans, dark grey
Black tshirt w/ green decal
Dark green hoodie
emo shoes/boots
Outfit Colours: grey/green/black
Physical Characteristics: Skinny ass lil bitch
Accessories: Eyeliner and SO. MANY. PIERCINGS. Nose stud on the right, snake bites, ears but theyre hard to see bc theyre mostly on the top of his ears (two bands/rings, both sides) but there is studs on the lobes.
Personality: He does his best to maintain a calm appearance, but that usually gets sent down the drain because he's pretty impatient. He tries to keep VVDR in check, even though he's not the team leader. He does have more patience with his team, then he does with others. He likes things to be organized and straight forward, and fucking with his routine is a fast track to anger management hell. He's also rather judgmental of people he's meeting for the first time, but will keep these judgement to himself, for the most part.
Dislikes: procrastination, the dorm room being a mess
Habits: constant reorganizing, because everything has to kept correctly (to him, anyways)
Fatal Flaw(s): the fact that everything has to be in order. His anger can help to cause the emotions needed in his opponents to power his semblance and aura, but it also causes him to not think as rationally.
Weaknesses: emotions. simple as that.

Weapon Name: Green Guardians
Weapon Description: Simply put, the weapons have three modes - two swords that appear similar to scimitars, a firearm similar to an assault riffle, or two floating turrets. The turrets are for when he uses his semblance, to provide cover for both him and his team members. To help control the turrets, he wears an VI lens, much like a contact lens, that allows him to initiate the turrets and their tracking programs, so they don't shoot friendlies.
The individual turrets are named and only Daven is able to tell them apart. Which is which, well, your guess is as good as mine.
The forms can be mixed and matched. Daven usually employs either both swords, a sword and turret, gun and turret or both turrets. He is able to ride around on a turret if need be. When not in use the default form is the swords, and they're kept in duel scabbards or in a crossed formation on his back.
Green Guardians - Daven Colby Weapon ref by myth-66

Relationship With Others
Reputation: the quiet one who TRIES to keep the peace within his team but fails because everyone is fuckin nuts.
Friends: his team
Team: VVDR (pronounced Vader) (I know) Co-owned with ScarletKnightmare
Team leader: Violet Himingberd - owned by ScarletKnightmare
Viorel Mythos - Owned by myself, myth-66
Daven - Owned by myself, myth-66
Raven Angel - Owned by ScarletKnightmare

Agility: 4/10
Swordsmanship: 5/10
Long Range Accuracy: 2/10
Defense: 8/10
Offense: 5/10
Aura: 9/10
People Skills: 6/10
Semblance: Healing Perimeter
His aura is able to create an area that heals other auras. It's powered by the emotions of whoever his team is fighting, mostly powered by emotions of fear and unease. (That's where Viorel's semblance comes into play with Daven's) It focuses more on healing his team members, and is able to heal him slightly, but only physical wounds, such as small cuts or bruises. He can't use his semblance to heal his own aura.

Ultra-condescend Background
The Colbys are a high-status family from Atlas, who own and control a technological company. The company, Rauch Military Technology, is named after his mother, as it was her father who started the company. The technology they develop is mostly used in automated weaponry, such as drones and turrets. (Hence why one form of his weapons are turrets.)

Originally, Daven was supposed to learn the company and, eventually, oversee the entire operation. Being a lil shit, he didn't want to, which resulted in his parents forcing him to apply to Atlas, for the sole purpose of discipline. Daven, who did in fact want to be a Huntsman, sent a transcript to Beacon behind his parents back. Both Atlas and Beacon accepted his transcripts, and he went to Beacon instead. The acceptance letter from Beacon was intercepted by Daven and disposed of after he responded to it. His parents didn't find out for quite a while, until Raven found out about his parents forcing him to take over the company. After relaying the information to Violet and Viorel, Viorel had the idea of "hey lets fuck with his parents" to which the other two were down for. They ended up sending a postcard to his parents from Beacon, which read;

Yeah after that his parents showed up to Beacon, with the mindset of "well if he's at Beacon, he's probably in a good, well-behaved, respectful team." (Which is as far from the truth as you can probably get.) When they arrived, they asked a group of upperclassmen who were studying outside if they knew Daven Colby. Well those student's faces just droPPED and they all weakly pointed to the dorm buildings, saying; "You're looking for team VVDR." The parents were perplexed by the reaction, until they met his team, who were engaged in one hell of a pillow fight with other teams.

First Encounters With The Team
First encountered when in the wilds to find partners
Raven basically scouted out someone, saw Daven and p much went "hmmm" when she saw him fighting an Ursa
Raven straight up came out of nowhere (teleport via Semblance, but Daven doesn't know that)
He's just like "??? is this a video game??? was that a glitch???"
Raven just "Let's go"
Daven: "wait what"

Met at the temple where they had to choose a piece
Mostly just v quiet while Raven spoke to them
Daven: "how does she not recognize the rockstar???"
Raven: (speaking to the Vio's) "You should take a knight"
Daven: "???? okay" //grabs a knight

Also first met at the temple
first impression was like "what is wrong with this guy"
They didn't really interact until after the team assignments
B/c ya know, B O S S B A T T L E

Shortly after Daven grabbed a Knight piece, a flock of griffin grims attacked
Viorel grabbed a knight piece before Violet could grab a queen
Violet: pauses from argument w/ viorel and looking at Raven funny "we have a bigger problem now..."
Viorel: "I took the knight"
Violet: "soN OF A BITCH-"
They set a new record for the amount of forest destroyed in a grim fight

Song - "No Son of Mine" by Genesis (not set in stone yet)
"Things were never easy for me, Peace of mind was hard to find" "You're no son, no son of mine, You walked out, you left us behind"

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