COMMISSION: Mira by Razia (critique requested)

COMMISSION: Mira (critique requested)


13 April 2014 at 13:26:27 MDT

This was a commission requested by Trent Seely (on Facebook) who requested Mira, from Silent Hill 2's "Dog Ending".
Yes, even though I prefer to do Pony commissions, I'll occasionally accept a non-pony one, especially if it involves one of my other interests (and if I need the money badly enough >.>)

Kind of a challenge, because I haven't attempted a semi-realistic dog (or any furry animal) in a long time. In the end, I kept it somewhat cartoony so I wouldn't go completely nuts trying to wrap my head around it =P

I also intentionally tried to make her eyes a bit more expressive and humanoid than a dog's eyes would normally be to imply intelligence.

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    I really like the quality of the outer line here; it expresses fur well while still being clean and not being too visually busy. The eyes are working well, still reading as canine but with the iris shrunk a little to show the white of the eye in slightly more human sort of way. The simple background works just fine, though there looks to be a tangent where the top of the box ends in the same place as the top of the headset. Making the box smaller could fix this, but may create the same problem with either the tip of the ear or the curve of the mic, so it might work better, if you wish to adjust it, to make the box slightly larger.

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      Thanks for the critique. Yeah, I noticed the issue with the border shortly after I finished it.