[1028] I question the physics of this quicksand pit by Rawr

[1028] I question the physics of this quicksand pit


4 November 2015 at 05:42:43 MST

Sketchpage for Vandercat

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    Thank you for drawing quicksand. I know it's an odd thing to like.

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      Is today the day I discover everyone's secret liking for quicksand? This is quite the thing~

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        Yeah, there's a small group of us. Too small :<
        I heard you didn't like to draw the pic and so I worry it left a bad taste in your mouth. If this is something you would be willing to draw more of, though, let me know and I'll spread the word. I love your cute art style and would love to see more sinking from you!

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    Going out while giving the "rock on" sign is an alternatively appropriate way to die.

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      I don't think he's going to die, seeing as he doesn't really need to breathe.

      He's more or less just stuck down there :p

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    I like this concept more than I expected, I did not expect much.

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    Yes surprisingly quicksand related stuff has a decent following. Kinda falls under Wet and Messy, Peril, and Sticky/Traps/etc.

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    This is so adorably appealing. The casualness is quite cute!