Warrior by RattleCat (critique requested)

Warrior (critique requested)


1 July 2016 at 20:28:41 MDT

I don’t think I’ve managed to post a picture of this yet, which is surprising considering its my favorite metal art that I’ve done. I made it in my sculpture class in Fall of 2013, soooo my first senior year I guess (I’m going on three and a half, hopefully that’ll be it). The picture didn’t show the individual pieces very well, or how they stick out, so went over the photo with a burn/dodge tool to bring out the shadows a bit more, so they’d be more visible (the original photo is in the upper left corner). It’s made entirely of thick-gauge steel wire and sheet metal welded together and spray painted black. The 3D pieces are anchored by posts of various lengths so they pop out.

I cut the sheet metal pieces (fucking 16 of them in one day, I almost died) with my dad’s plasma-cutter at home, cut and shaped the wire with Oxy-Acetylene, then welded everything together with Oxy-Acet.

We had a few rules we had to follow for the project, but other than that we were given free range. I had recently seen that article about the 2500 Year Old Mummified Siberian Woman, I thought her tattoos were gorgeous, so I combined a few of them and made them into a sculpture. . Even 3 years later, I still LOVE how it turned out.

The article can be found here http://siberiantimes.com/culture/others/features/siberian-princess-reveals-her-2500-year-old-tattoos/

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