Zubat Family Re-Design by RathMutatio

Zubat Family Re-Design


21 June 2017 at 12:12:54 MDT

A for-fun idea or redesigning some Pkmn families to make them look more like proper evolutions, and keeping some of their more interesting traits.

First one is Zubat’s Family.

Zubat: Non! Zubat is perfect in every way. Being a little flying nugget with no eyes and nice pointy fangs. The ideal monster bat.

Golbat: Kept the eyeless motif. Also made its ears bigger so it can properly use them to find its way around. And lastly added it’s signature tongue from the original Pkmn games (Red/Blue) which featured Crobat with a huge tongue, making it look more gross and menacing! https://tinyurl.com/ycln7m28

Crobat: Biggest changes of them all. Firstly, it’s color scheme, as original Crobat decides to toss the teal/purple for being almost completely purple with green wings. So, darker teal and still lovely purple wings. Still eyeless (the best aspect) and big ears with proper openings to listen through. And lastly, changed its maw to have nice sharp fangs like its family. Nomnom!

Let me know what you guys think. And if you wanna see me redesign any other families, let me know in the comments!

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