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Super simple feet paw tutorial by Rarakie

Super simple feet paw tutorial


19 December 2013 at 16:40:54 MST

fox_fury was super sweet and mentioned they liked my feetpaws. They're quite possibly the easiest things to draw but might look a little hard for someone who hasn't tackled them yet so I wanted to make them simple :)

1: Imagine a triangle. depending on the way the foot is facing make the top pointy bit point towards the direction your furry is facing. Round this shape out.

2: add in your lines for your toes. Dogs and cats typically have 4 digits on their feet. See how on the 3/4 you can see very little of the far away 'toe' and a lot more of the closer one? The side view you can only see two.

3: These are my lines and I broke up the toe lines a bit so that it looks like the toes are attached to the leg

4: Claws. Imagine the claws on each paw to be trying their hardest to get in between the middle crease. they are at the front of the toe but as close to their next biggest toe. I'm not making much sense, you can probably work it out from the image :0

Of course there are tons of different ways to draw paws but this is the way I learnt from an easy cartoony style. Experiment with shapes, sizes, paw pads showing!

Hope it helps :D

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