Like a Bull in a Feed Shop - 1 by randsom

Like a Bull in a Feed Shop - 1


11 July 2019 at 10:38:06 MDT

This was originally just going to be a simple caption, but I found some sudden inspiration and created this small story. I hope you all enjoy the images and the story to go along with it.

"Hey, Randsom!" Villam shouted at the empty room. His southern-esque drawl rang in the room, bouncing around with no one physically present to hear it. Anyone else wouldn't have expected a response, but Villam knew Randsom would respond. He always did.
Not seeing the floating green orb appear after a few seconds, however, he tried to further tempt him. "I have an optimization problem for ya.."

With a small ripple in space, the small green orb suddenly appeared into Villam's home, hovering 3 feet in front of his face. "You do know how to tempt an AI, chimera. How may I help?" There was no expression present on the orb, but Villam could feel Randsom's intrigue. Any AI worth its salt couldn't resist new situations (a chance to expand its knowledge graph was always exciting) and Randsom was no exception.

Villam smiled and pointed out his window. "Got a new bull for the farm today. I need you to 'optimally' show him a big welcome while I tend the rest of the farm. Sound good?"

"Of course." With another small ripple in spacetime, the orb was gone.

Shaking his head, Villam just laughed and continued getting ready for a day on the farm. "Never one to just stop and chat, that one.."


Outside, the new bull took in his surroundings. The bull tiptoed around the dirt and mud, reluctant to accept his new environment. He was the culmination of the perfect lineage. Years of ancestors had lead to him, a glorious mix of the best genes available. Sure, the farm had a reputation for being a haven for animals, but how could such a quaint place possibly keep him entertained? Who would give him the massages his corded muscles so desperately needed each day? Would any of those plebeian cattle even know what Kinmemai rice was, and how delectable it was to the bovine palate?

"They may not, but I do. The name's Randsom, and I am pleased to meet your acquaintance, bovine."

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Story by me
Art done by  Sugarboy

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