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The Land of Rage - Music by Randomonium

The Land of Rage - Music


16 August 2014 at 09:54:00 MDT

Oh my goodness Randy, is that metal?

YES. ;w;

Or at least, it's an attempt of it! It's my first attempt this genre, actually, made for BrokenHeartz10's upcoming game, Night Orchid. It's for the fifth world, whose description is:

"A world with despair, anger, and hatred everywhere."

So what better genre to fit this, amirite? :3

I want to thank ForeverMetallica for showing me how to do the mute guitar strums on Anvil Studio. You guys had no idea how much of a struggle this was for me XD I'm not a metalhead. It's actually one of the genres I stay away from, so my thoughts were: make sure the drums aren't too loud, come up with something evil, listen to metal songs to get a feel for the genre, NO WAIT you gotta make sure that they can hear the mute guitars, OH NO now the main guitar is too loud, etc, etc.

Four days of battling those thoughts, but I'm somewhat happy with how it came out c: (Somewhat, because I still think it's a bit too 'noisy', but I guess this place would be chaotic and hate filled, so it could sorta fit? XD)

If you want to hear other songs for this game, just to see how much this one doesn't fit my regular style, you can click here and here! (I need to redo these ones slightly as well, actually .w.)

Criticism is always appreciated, although I probably won't be doing metal songs forever for a loooong time. Hope you enjoy! ^^

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