Organ the Dragon Dog (cute story) by RandiSwaggerz

Organ the Dragon Dog (cute story)


8 July 2015 at 23:11:13 MDT

my six year old niece saw a fursuit on my facebook dash and wanted to know what it is. i told her that people make special pretend animal characters and make costumes of them. she knew about my fursona, Randa, and wanted to know if I'd get a costume (i said yeah). she said she wanted a costume some day and needed a character, and wanted it to look like mine, species wise. so i drew up a base of my character and by her command added accessories and colors, etc. (she wanted the same markings as mine)

introducing Organ.


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    You saw this coming. I thought it would be a few years yet but yep, you made her into a furry. X3