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Werewolf Insurance Problems by ScrappyVamp by Rakan

Werewolf Insurance Problems by ScrappyVamp


If you are driving and suddenly go through your first change into a werewolf - or just forgot to look into the calendar like a silly pup, don't forget to follow these simple steps to avoid breaking the terms of your car insurance as they apply to werewolves:

Pull to the side
Shift to park
Switch on your 4-way flashers
Shift to werewolf
Switch on 4-legged drive
Try to return to the car for shifting back.

I seem to be propagating the myth that werewolves are bad drivers. This is obviously untrue - not only because of superior reflexes - but also because werewolves usually know when to avoid driving. When I'm finished with my backlog, I will try to commission a piece to demonstrate that.

However this particular scene is from a fun (and naughty) story by SummonTheElectorCounts, which my friend and artist ScrappyVamp ( ) painted absolutely beautifully. Scrappy recently reactivated their Patreon account, so please consider a subscription there!