Game Night by RaiHusky

Game Night


3 January 2014 at 06:04:32 MST

We all like to get together with friends to hang out and chill, maybe order some pizza or make some popcorn along with sodas. But the main event is when we all sit on the couch and stare at the TV for hours (ignoring the 15 minute break every hour suggestion) while button mashing the controllers like your life depended on it.

Fuery is hanging out with his buddies Gaz, Tavi and Tairu for a night of games. As to what we're playing I'll leave that to your imagination (Mario Party D:<)

Art is by the funny tairupanda and Tairu belongs to him

Tavi belongs to the cool orangetavi

Gaz belongs to the pro gamer Gazpacho

Fuery belongs to the friendly furrafreak

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    pro gamer, wii


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    true story, a friend invited me over to one of these shin digs and I was so lost cause I know fuck all about gamin' and only started having fun when I found out that you could play "Teen Age Riot" in Guitar Hero

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    I look like Tuler when I play Mario! I run through the levels and make my friends play as fast as I do! xD

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    Great and funny, now missing my old games more than ever. XD
    Now in the background i find a Triforce, a fairy trapped in a bottle, another one with water (Zelda references? :D). and the Tv screen that has a divided screen for 4 players.
    It could be either Mario Party or Nintendo Land as well. :3