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Hyperion Bathtime by Jacfox by Radioactive Toast

Hyperion Bathtime by Jacfox

Radioactive Toast

17 July 2016 at 18:04:55 MDT

By jacfox jacfox

Was touring Jac's personal starship, the Hyperion, when I found it had an enormous pool! Seemed innocent and fun enough when it was asking me to choose what kind of pooltoy I wanted...


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    Jac's starship certainly has it's interesting features, I'm afraid to touch anything there. Still it's a good look for you, and there's plenty of pool left for you to make use of!

    Wonderful work as ever, this was a great idea and a really fun image!

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    With all the accidents er events. I have to wonder when the Hyperion last had its health and safety audit? ;)