Takeout Food by RaddaRaem

Takeout Food


1 June 2019 at 18:49:09 MDT

Lyde is a prolific and skilled artist who I happen to commission from time to time. And as I tend to do with the commissions I get I wrote something for it!

After learning about Lyde's chunky hunky Flareon, Alero, I couldn't help but snag some art of him. Hope you enjoy not only the art but the words to go with it!

Art and title by Lyde

Alero's doughy fingers pinched against the plastic casing of his phone. Humming, the Flareon's fat fingers repeatedly swiped left as he cycled through the generated list. “Oh!” he said. Ears perked, he tapped at the screen. Something had finally caught his interest. Buried beneath a layer of dirt and smudged fingerprints a dimly lit map guided Alero to the highlighted food truck. "Heck of a wait they're advertising though..." he rumbled as he tucked his chin against his chest. Lips pursed, Alero ran a hand through the mop of blonde hair draped over his eyes while his stomach gurgled impatiently. "S'no problem. I'll just have to find something to tide me over until then."

Tossing his neck side to side, faint cracks and pops sounding out, Alero guided his phone back into his pocket. Hand brushing against his bare chest, the Flareon meandered through the crowded city streets he called home. Paying little mind to the asphalt splintering beneath him as his street spanning feet carried him forward.

"Swalotta Sushi? You really reached for that pun didn't you?" smirked the Mareep at the front of the line. Oodles of Pokemon stood before the food truck, a low din of chatter filling the air, as they mulled the myriad of choices available to them.

An exhausted Vulpix poked his head out of the truck and dragged a hand along his sweat stained brow. "It's a guaranteed way to make small talk at the very least," he tiredly laughed back. "What'll it be for you?"

The Mareep hummed and hawed as he found himself struck with the INDECISIVE status.

With a sigh, the Vulpix allowed his rust furred arms to rest on the counter. His legs, aching and tired, welcomed the brief reprieve. Eyes half lidded, the fiery fox lazily traced the line of people stretching around the block. "Come on... you people got options. The friggin' Blaziken Barbecue truck is just across the street!" he cursed under his breath.

"Sushicado sounds good. Mmph. But then again so does the Dynamite Roll..."

The Vulpix cupped his hands against his cheeks. Business had been nonstop. Day in and out the same exhausting pattern repeated itself. While it did wonders for his state of mind, at least with regards to his continued employment, it was a devastating on the overworked fox's everything else. His ears lazily flicked to and fro as he sifted out a proper order from the Mareep's drone of umms and hums. "One order of Green River Rolls, comin' up!" the Vulpix barked as he lazily slapped a hand against the bell upon the counter.

Trudging into the bowels of the truck, his curled tails bobbing behind him, the Vulpix he went to work. His furred hands disappeared beneath a stream of soapy water in preparation for the meal at hand. The generators, humming loudly, bounced the fox about in place. Rendering him blissfully unaware to the steady rumbles drawing close.

The Vulpix shook his hands dry before slapping a handful of rice down on a bamboo board. A layer of sea weed wrap was then spread atop it. Grunting, the underpaid vulpine tossed a look over his shoulder. Through the window he could see the crowd beginning to thin. "Oh thank Arceus," he exhaled.

Cheeks puffed out, the many tailed fox proceeded to layer eel and avocado atop the seaweed. Rolling his shoulders, groaning at how they popped within their sockets, he daintily took to sprinkling sesame seeds for a flourish. Fishing out a clean knife he then proceeded to cut the layers of food into strips. The rhythmic clack of the knife against the cutting board drowned out the abrupt yet frightened shouts from just outside the truck.

"And finally..." the Vulpix narrated aloud as he dutifully pressed the slices together into rolls. Plate in hand, he wandered back over to the counter and slapped the bell. "One order of Green River Rolls. That'll be..."

Brows furrowed, the Vulpix bit down into his lower lip at the realization that the Mareep had disappeared. His muted anger soon gave way to confusion and alarm when he realized that the rest of the crowd had disappeared with him. "Something's not right h-"


A sonic wave washed over the truck. The unseen force rippled against its metal frame and sent cracks skittering through the windows.

"Mmph. 'Scuse me there," boomed a husky voice.


A colossal foot, red furred and adorned with bulbous toes that chafed together, slammed down before the Swalotta Sushi truck. A shadow, one that swallowed up the entirety of the vehicle, accompanied it. "Just couldn't help treating myself to some appetizers," drawled the foot's owner.

The Vulpix foolishly dared to poke his head outside the truck. Head tilted back, neck straining from the effort to do so, he couldn't help but gawk in a mixture of dread and arousal at distended gut that was now his sky. Its distended mass effortlessly blotted out the sun.

"Easy there, sweet thing. I'm not what's on the menu," came the sultry voice.

The Vulpix's eyes couldn't help but drink in how that jiggling protruded proudly over a denim clad waist. How those jeans couldn't hope to contain it and, better yet, how they audibly creaked from the effort involved in holding back the monstrous mound of meat gently throbbing between the colossus' thighs. N-n-nor could he fail to notice just how form fittingly that dark blue fabric clung to it.

Alero smacked his lips and chuckled. "I've heard a lotta good things about this place."

"R-really now?" the Vulpix stammered. Arceus above how the hell was he expected to feed him?! There was just no way he could prepare enough food for that hulking, hot, big dicked, big bellied, and big feetsied chunky hunky! He slapped at his cheeks while he tried to gather his thoughts. "K-Kind of you to say, Sir. I. You. Um. I had a quip in mind involving 'large clientele' and I've lost track of it and now I don't know where I'm going with this."

The Flareon's rounded cheeks curled up into a sincere smile. "Cute. Wanna take my order?"

"O-oh sure," the fox blurted out. "What'll it be... Sir?"

"Hmmmm...." Hands resting atop his gut, Alero thrummed his fingers along his gurgling drum of a stomach. "Know what? I'll keep things simple for ya. How about one of everything? Starting with you, sweet thing." Jaws parted, Alero ahhed wide as he reached down and curled his fingers around the truck. His swollen digits pinched against it, the metal creaking raucously in his grasp, while he brought it up to his waiting maw.

"T-this isn't a self-serve, Sir!"

"Aww hun I thought you woulda known better," Alero teased as he slid the food truck between his puckered lips. Savoring his meal, and the sensation of the Vulpix suctioned free from the truck, he relished the taste of the fox flattened between his lips in an enthusiastic kiss. Tilting his head back, Alero allowed gravity to guide his meal down his throat with a pronounced GLURK.

Snorts, slurps, and smacks echoed across the block as the gargantuan and suffocating bulge traveled down Alero's throat before ultimately crashing into his ravenous belly below. "Come on now haven't you heard?" the Flareon teased with a shameless belch as he slapped at his gut. "The customer is always right!"

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