Big Jem: Planetary Pinching by RaddaRaem

Big Jem: Planetary Pinching


25 May 2016 at 17:56:02 MDT

Where he stands all Alkali can see now is a white fur filled sky. A delightful and oppressive warmth bears down on him as he struggles to comprehend the very planet itself is pinched between Jem's fingertips. It's not enough. Nowhere near enough. Bigger bigger bigger he bellows as he continues to cast. The planet-pinching collie squints down grumpily while he impatiently awaits the roo to tire himself out and cease this sizable silliness.

For the longest time I left the characters populating my Shady Impressions universe pristine and pure. They
were to remain untouched and exist only in the confines of the fantasy settings I had crafted. Then I went and contradicted myself and proceeded to have fun indulging in all manners of big with them. Primarily, with Jem.

What we have here is the start of a sillynormous series that AlkaliRoo was so kind/guilty to bring about. All art courtesy of Bobert on FA!