[OPEN] Summer Flat Color Sale! by Rackiera

[OPEN] Summer Flat Color Sale!


10 July 2019 at 10:51:42 MDT

Hi everyone!


I'm really itching to draw a variety of characters, but I've only so much time and can't spend a lot of time shading, detailing, etc a lot of characters. So, instead of just opening up commissions directly, I decided to do a deal of sorts!


All tiers of Flat Colors are 25% off! This won't last forever! In fact, I'll probably close this within the week or once I reach a certain amount of interest, depending on what builds up first.


If you are interested, please shoot me an email at belanger.kelsie@gmail.com. I will not be  working through notes, DMs, etc - it helps me keep my sanity! When you email me, please let me know -

  • The character(s) you want drawn
  • Any pose or scene ideas
  • Your paypal e-mail so I can invoice you


I'll be deleting this post once I'm closed, so reserve a slot if you're interested!


Best wishes for a safe and fun summer to all of you! <3


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