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Fererr Adopt set #1 by Rabid_Twitch

Fererr Adopt set #1


First set of available for adoption Fererr. This is an old species of mine i created nearly 10 years ago. These are a closed species and occasionally adopts will be posted. here are 2 males and 2 females.

Males/Female physical traits : Males have larger fangs that protrude from their mouths as well as claws on both sides of their hooves, these are for fighting/deffensive purposes, the claws also help for griping while breeding. The have extra hair on their jaws, chins, and ear tufts while the female lack these features. On average they stand roughly 5 ft for a male and females being about 7 or more inches shorter.
Color patterns can range from being very horse like in pattern & color to more cat like or in between. Their manes however are always darker than their base coat ( lighter color is always white and is rare and the coats in this case are Dark ). They also always have a dorsal stripe and on shoulders ( much like a donkey ). Tail tips are usually white or a lighter variant of base coat color. on both hooves are black to dark grey while on males the claws are always a medium to light grey.

Please Comment below to claim your adopt, no holds are available at this time and payment is due via paypal. in the future I may hold auctions rather than a base price depending on interest in this species. Time will tell. All prices are in USD.

Once i've approved you for claim please have payment ready, if not made within 24 hours you may no longer purchase.

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Fererr are © rabidtwitch these are a CLOSED species

  • this is cross posted to FA and availability will be updated accordingly on both sites *

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    These are friggin' gorgeous. ;^; #3 is screaming my name, but I don't have any money on my Paypal, only cash in my pocket. HNNG.
    Whoever gets these are lucky ducks.<3