horrid fursonas of the past by Quinsecticide

horrid fursonas of the past


1 October 2015 at 19:16:05 MDT

  1. ? the Deer- Aaah yes, when I first started drawing anthro animals. When I first started, my animals just kinda looked like humans with animal facepaint and accessories, it was creepy omf g. Soo she was just a simple deer, I never named her so I just always referred to her with my own name. Gr o ss I associate her with my first ex because I drew her and an animal-version of himself together all the time ghh.

  2. ? the bat- More like cat with wings, I p much based her species off of the way Rouge the bat is drawn, being a white bat with a little tail and wings on her back. Another human with facepaint really.

  3. Milk the squirrel- Mkay so in like 10th or 11th grade I went through this short period of drawing everyone I knew as different colored animals with food names, and mine was a basic quite squirrel named Milk. I got out of drawing my anthros so human-like, but still not much of a difference since squirrels are flat-faced anyway.

  4. ? the leaf-nosed bat- BACK TO USING A BAT and she's actually a little more bat-like. This was the closest I ever got to the neon and/or punk phase for my fursona design. I WAS going to think of an actual name for her but never got around to it. I spent foreeever trying to think of a palette for her, I wanted to try NOT having a natural color, and soooo I got a friend's help with her colors and settled with a warm palette.

  5. ? the dog- A huge change from anthro to a simple feral dog, an the only stage that had no specific gender. This design was very short-lived, and I only drew them in vent art and such. They still had the same personality as me, they were just twice as stressed. The design was actually an adoptable I purchased specifically to be a fursona (I don't want my money to go to waste, so I may keep it as a regular character design)

  6. Donnie the dug (dog/bug)- AND NOW FOR THE STAGE WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE. I got her design from a friend of mine, I asked them to create their version of a bug-type eeveelution, and I liked the design so much they let me keep it. So I had her design in my files for a while and came across it again, and thought "Hmmm she would make a neato fursona!" and boom bAM, Donnie came back. I like bugs, but I wanted my fursona to have fur, so theeere ya go. She also still has my personality, I just upped her sleepiness and awkwardness a lil more. I named her after Donnie Darko. And buh bye tight-fit clothes

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