The Temple to the Stars by Quinn Turberose

OK, so I need some help with this. Things are getting crazy, and I don't know what to do.

This whole thing started last month, I was out enjoying the day off and taking a hike to the old ruin that we would always say was haunted and the adults would tell us not to play around because it was unsafe. None of us got past the trees before seeing what we thought was something moving.

But I was an adult with a brand new DSLR camera that I had been saving up for and I wanted to try the sucker out. I had been back once as a teenager to check it out I got closer that time and I say what had scared me off the walls had weathered carvings that as there shadows moved adding motion. But my exploration was cut short by a call from a friend who needed my help.

I thought that the carvings would be a good test of my camera. I took the pictures of the outside of it marvelling about how well preserved it was, this thing had to be per roman and yet no one had torn it apart for stone.

I wanted to get more of the place to my knowledge no one else had gone inside for pictures, I mean after this happened I looked and I did not find ANYTHING about this place except form my One town mentioning on facebook. So I claimed the stares camera out. Then I saw something that gave me pause right as I was at the top step, I saw the carving unweathered, they were of humans and these things embracing, I could not tell if it was sexual like those temples you see in India, or if it was something else but I took pictures walking in to the gateway the doors long rotted away. Then I step in something I looked down to see what it was. My foot was covered in this green slime it looked like really runny lime jello, I tried to wipe it off my feet but I heard something from the inside of the temple like a pack of dogs. And I saw a few broken rat bones nearby, I left not wanting to deal with wild dogs, but as I turned to leave I thought I saw just for a moment out of the corner of one eye this star field in the shadows.

I am very proud of how slowly I left that place. But when I got to the trees I hear this rustling in the bushes I turned expecting a dog, but all I saw was this deep darkens in the bush like the shadow it should have cast having grown solid and it made eye contact with me and saw the stares again.

SO I ran or at least fifteen minutes, before running out of breath I saw nothing else strange as I walked back to my car. And nothing else for the next few days I went back to my work slinging tacos, and it just seemed like my imagination had gotten the best of me until I wet to go through the photos.

They were normal, noting looking out of the ordinary except for one of the ones I had taken when going up the stares, in that one you can see some of the green slime in one corner.

I went back through the rest of the pictures and I saw nothing at all strange. It must have been from the wild dogs, right? Well, I did not want to go back to check it out if it was just dogs.

The next morning though that was not normal. I woke up and set my feet on the floor and steeped in the same slime. I went to wipe it off my foot with my hand so I could wash it off without tracking it through my apartment but I smelt it and it was like that strange fruity smell that you can never place other than that it is fruity?!

I went to the bathroom and washed it off. But why would it smell fruity like that? I thought it was my roommate pulling a stupid prank. But I could not talk to him until he got back for work.

I went to work but when I checked the mail on the way out I thought I saw stars in one small corner of the box.

I went to work trying to convince myself that it as just my mind playing tricks on me, but I started to see the stars in more places, hell yesterday morning on my way to work I saw it under my old beater of my car. But they were only once or twice a day at first. Soon it seemed like every time I turned around I could only see the stars watching me. Hell at work today the rack under the frozen stuff was solid, like the bush. And I keep finding the same fruity green slime when I don't see the eyes. And like this morning the fridge was leaking it I sware.

But the worst part was last night right before I drifted off to sleep I heard a soft gargling voice ask if I wanted to be friends. My blankets were wet the next morning and reeking of that damned fruity smell

I need help, what do I do?

The Temple to the Stars

Quinn Turberose

29 July 2018 at 19:37:06 MDT

A young Person investigates the old ruins at the edge of town, and finds more then they were expecting.

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