Gina Ref sheet. (undertale Oc ) by QuickTron

Gina Ref sheet. (undertale Oc )


3 February 2017 at 14:03:25 MST

wow okay so this must of been the most work I have ever put into character but the real sad part about this character I Made is that I have no real back story for her so that is something I need to get going on.

now just bit of idea on how i came up with this character is all started when i got the game Shantae and good gah that was fun game and I just loved it from the game play, story ,characters and even the music. now as i was playing i had fun idea to take one of the goat monster characters from Undertale and have them something much like Shantae. Now i really don't want Gina be furry version of Shantea so I just took few idea from the game and try to make my own Arabian hero type.

now my only real issue on this character is I do not want to make into a Marry sue. Just by Gina colors it has that kind of look to be one but she live in more of tropical area so that fit idea where she from and the fact she show lot off XD. The other thing About Gina is that she has no relation to the undertale story line so she has some kind of relation to the Dreamer family but really is not anything Important to her the tattoo on her back could be nothing Important to her as well. so there something about her.

the next thing about working on Gina here is her strengths, weaknesses, like, and dislikes. the best idea is to make this character more real is be more interesting and not boring like most if not all Marrysue.

now the last thing is what her power are and how she got them. Gina well have limit on what she'll have for these skills for over powering character is dual. so I want give some basic abilities and idea on how she got them. what I did come up with is her magic is limited she can only use so much. this give Gina Limits on what she can do with her magic and knowing how much she can use. her weapon on the other hand dose have unlimited Energy but it can only become sword or a Bow but even in bow mode it has a limit on Arrows before it can recharge them again.

okay that about it on Gina here. it took me bit to make this character but in all she was really fun. now i'm not fan of undertale but I did like the Dreamer family and there Designee was interesting looking so i figure i make of my own and well I have to say I give Toby fox credit for helping me with this.

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