Freak show Foxy by QuickTron

Freak show Foxy


4 July 2015 at 20:29:07 MDT

Freddy:" and now for everyone favorite-"

Foxy: "SHUT UP FREDDY! JUST SHUT THE F*K UP! I'll be doing the talking you can go find honey jar or something."
now hello boy and girls it me you old pal foxy but i'm not the fun loving fox i used to be oh no i have purpose in life and you know what that is? No! let me tell you then. the pirate life was nothing more then kids thing now i go out in shadows in your streets and wait for you to enter that dark alley and when i you get close enough I LEAP OUT AND ATTACK YOU! then once i have you right where i want you i well take mt claw and cut you up to pieces as i laugh away while you cry in pain and chuckle when you bag for mercy. If you get away from my grasp do run, run as fast as you can I so do love good hunt." * make his evil laugh

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