Grace on the Cloud lands by QuentixStarwing

Grace on the Cloud lands

Do you remember that dance we had?
The traipsing across the horizon slowly?
A silent waltz with an orchestra that brought the stars forth

From the midday we danced to the light of dusk
Slowly we became but a mystery upon the edge of a daze
Not you in all your amazing sense, the horizon is the ocean

A skyland shore where the dreams do stand
There is nothing that this dance cannot do
At least to my heart, my soul, there is nothing sweeter to our dance

How like it to surpass all in one movement, a simple showing of grace on the cloud lands.

Grace on the Cloud lands


27 August 2018 at 23:27:49 MDT

Inspired by a friend of mine and a silly, but lovely dream of dancing in the clouds! It comes to life, takes breath, finds details, let it be something that has come forward in a delight. Please enjoy this trek through a small but wonderful dance and daze of mental wonder!

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