Under a Tale: Towards Shadows by QuentixStarwing

Under a Tale: Towards Shadows

Confrontation ends in mysterious ways
Only such will come from effort.
With a body full of young vigor, eyes full of life.
One soul puts all on the line, through dark woods where something may soon eyes.
Each step is another one uncertain, with fear foreboding behind large shadows.
This simply will not stop them, as each motion is towards home.


The chill of the reality finally sets in, with stick at one's side, safety is assured.
Having passed mighty magic, the love of a mother-figure, and promising to be brave.
A thing that cannot be broken is forged with each step.
Strengthened by sheer will and that is a factor long remembered.


With each step, something seems forgotten amidst the pace.
What lingering focus has been missed, surroundings were ignored.
Before long a crunch in the snow sends a shiver up the spine.
How had it been missed before? The question lingers in the mind.


As the shadows close in on thee from each side.
Do not hesitate, do not fear!
Trembling from cold and chills of fear, a voice is heard.
Not sure what to make of it, such things seem full.
Turning to see a figure behind, fear turns to apprehension.
Remember to stay determined, that was the echoing thought in mind!
But a single voice, from the shady figure brings all that to the test.
A hand extends forward and thusly is met, with a strange feeling on hand.
Such brings a new person before thy sight, what will happen on this leg of the journey?

Staying strong will set the mood, as ease falls before thee.

Tension break.

Under a Tale: Towards Shadows


16 December 2015 at 07:57:36 MST

Part 3 of my Under a Tale poetry series. We follow the protagonist into the future, that of shadows when passing beyond the uttered situation, what comes before or within? Only the will to continue will allow them to persist beyond the cold of the woods.



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