Commission Prices and Examples! by QueenKami

Commission Prices and Examples!


22 July 2016 at 00:38:10 MDT

I don't think this is here but if it is...well, doesn't hurt to have it here.

What I will not do:
Cub porn, scat/watersports/farts/smelling, hyper anything, bondage, inflation, vore, birthing/unbirthing, super muscles, etc. If you have questions let me know, I may have left something out!

I have any right to turn down/ask you to change your commission. It's nothing personal it just might be something that makes me uneasy.

If I don't want to deal with your character for whatever reason (they are odd, something I'm not good at drawing, they have a certain kink that makes me uneasy, etc) I may ask to remove/edit something about them. (Say a character has like five dicks and I don't want to do that I could ask for like just one or two dicks...)

"What can I do with the art I got?"

Post it on your page, post it elsewhere, color sketches yourself, etc. If you want to do something like coloring please leave the signatures there if possible. Always link back to my page or submission.

Other notes:

If you want me to stream your art let me know. I will set days out for this.

Ref sheets count as one character and come with cell or soft shading (or none at all).

I don't mind my characters in your commissions, as odd as it sounds.

Submission Information

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