Indistinguishable From Magic, page 6-7 [end] by quaedam

Indistinguishable From Magic, page 6-7 [end]


13 September 2014 at 22:42:28 MDT

I drew this short comic for Mobsters and Monsters, an online zine, last year -- I asked and they said I could post it online now. :) You should check out the other comics in the book, btw ( ) -- they're much cooler than mine. Since this was my first ever attempt at a comic rather than a one off drawing I had to make it quite short, too. But I really appreciated being included -- it was a fun project.
Ah, actually telling a story in pictures is terribly hard. Even when it's a real simple one. (Mad scientist ladies duke it out with wind turbine monsters, because I love both mad scientist ladies and wind turbines)

(first page: )

And there you are.

I kinda want to play around with these characters again some time. (pretty sure everyone survived and no one was actually eaten?) Maybe some time in the future when I suddenly become able to draw at lightning speed (that happens to everyone eventually, right? Sure, it does.)

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    whoa I love love love the style and colour scheme used in this comic. So pretty.

    I kinda find it a little hard to follow in the middle, but it's still visually very enchanting

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      Yeah, choosing for good overall composition and choosing for good storytelling aren't the same thing, definitely. :D Sequential art's a hard thing to learn; I admire people who are good at it. (Folks who can turn out intelligible comic pages in a day or a few; that's amazing) Looking back at this, I think I start to see where I ought to have changed some bits or moved stuff around or maybe added a page to make this thing more understandable. Have to try another one some time with the same characters, see if I can get better at it.