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Tread Careful (Gary Numan Cover) by Python Blue (critique requested)

Tread Careful (Gary Numan Cover)

Tread Careful (Gary Numan Cover) (critique requested)

Python Blue

Another singing attempt. This is of one of Numan's B-Sides from his Outland singles, which, as far as I know, aren't even available on iTunes, sadly.

I think I feel more confident with my technique of hitting high notes, now.

All tuned instruments are from Native Instruments FM8.

Original song © Gary Numan
Cover version © pythonblue pythonblue

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    Nice job! I was listening to it passively (I've heard about 50 different CD demos today and my attention spam is seriously affected until I get some rest) and I had a click around 1:10 that went "hey, if this is a cover, then the vocals..." and yeah, they're yours! My compliments, sounding in tune and rhythm. I just guess the no-FX parts would benefit from a bit more... space? A bit flat compared to the overall ambience (and the chorus part is spot-on!).

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      More space for my vocals, or in general? Either way, I appreciate the critique!

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        I'm in lack of vocabulary, sorry. What I mean is that the sound could be widened, sound more "surrounding", more present. Probably a chorus thing, but I'm still getting the grasp for this stuff. xD

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          Alright, then. I appreciate the critique. I guess what holds me back is the high chance that one channel sounds louder than the other.