Prison of the Mind (Remastered) by Python Blue (critique requested)

Prison of the Mind (Remastered) (critique requested)

Python Blue

24 July 2014 at 03:54:12 MDT

Nearly two years ago, I released my first album dedicated to retro-style music. In retrospect, I still do feel I had good compositional ideas, but the production and mixing now makes me cringe. That being said, combined with a lack of original ideas at the moment, I decided to begin remastering some of my older albums. This is an attempt at a remaster of the title track from the album. Apologies for the imagery: it was back from the days when I resorted to things like it for album artwork.

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    love it :-)

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    If if were to just imagine viewing an imaginary movie playing in my mind I could place this track in almost any part of it.. I see it as part of the intro credits... a theme playing to a series of transitions that build to a massive confrontation ... as the defining theme of the movie soundtrack playing at the end complimenting the movie credits as they roll from start to finish... yeah.. that's the vibe I get from this..

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      Thanks a lot for the comment! :) Deeply appreciated! I had the impression of movie credits after making the track, myself.