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Reincarnation by Python Blue (critique requested)

Reincarnation (critique requested)

Python Blue

First off, some news to other musicians: to celebrate their 25h Anniversary, East West has set an unusual precedent for sample library developers: they have re-released their older libraries in PLAY format. While frankly, I'm not fond of how limited PLAY is, the fact that they're willing to accomodate fans of their earlier sounds is unheard of beyond the hardware synthesizer names like Korg and Moog.

As for this piece, which is in the style of Gary Numan's Jagged album (particularly influenced by "Haunted"), all of the drums are courtesy of BT's Breakz from the Nu Skool and Percussive Adventures 1, neither of which I could've legally acquired otherwise due to their being discontinued until now.

Additional gear used:

Korg M1 VST
Spectrasonics Distorted Reality 2
Impact Soundworks Shreddage II
Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V

The guitar line, while made from scratch, was also based on a construction kit sample from East West's Adrenaline.

Music © Python Blue

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    Wohay, that's agressive! I really like it. Maybe it's me, but I'd layer a bassline inbetween the main guitar's rage, making something catchy on the short silences between notes. Not in the calm parts, but crossing with the "chorus" itself. Love the chosen timbres and the overall atmosphere.

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      Thank you very much for the suggestion, as well as for listening!

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    Nice. Anything BT is fine with me!