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Letter from Coco by Purochen (critique requested)

Letter from Coco (critique requested)


Follow up on this pic:

First drawing on my new pc with legit SAI and pfffff.... I should try and get my old brushes and settings into this @___@ I'm not happy with this pic because of reasons. But at least it's the most sparkly shit I've ever drawn!

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    This is so beautiful ;A; I love the soft blending.

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      Thank you ;w; I actually wanted to go a bit sharper but sdfafdafs was too lazy to fix my brushes haha

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    (Because you requested a critique)

    First of all, the soft brush you used was an excellent choice. It gives the feeling of that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you're happy. (In which you nailed that feeling all together in this peice, especially with her expression). The color choices are adorable, and it gives a nice contrast between Rarity and the letters and even the background. Although I take this was meant to be in portrait style, I feel like I'd like to see more. In the sense that it would have been equally strong if you showed all of Rarity, face and all. Spike throws off the picture a little bit , but I do enjoy his expression.

    Over all I absolutely love this picture and it's possibley one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.

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      Thank you for making time to give feedback and I'm glad you like it~!

      I think I know what you mean with the full body, it would make things more dynamic and allowing a more joyous air whereas it might feel rather stiff right now. (swing yo hip! swag yo tail!) Spike, now that you mention it, isn't even really a part of the picture or action. Heck, I even forgot to at least draw a cast-shadow of him onto Rarity's hair! Oh man...

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        Youre welcome!
        (and your art is so sosososo cute i love it )

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    no lie, rarity is my favorite pony. <33

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    b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l _