Teetle Team by puppythekat

Teetle Team


21 September 2019 at 16:52:29 MDT

Not quite tmnt ?

Basically a comic I was thinking of making

A scientist working for the government is put on duty in a mutant unit

And she develops a strong conscious

One night she has to close the labs and grabs as many mutants as she can before setting a fire to the labs

Destroying the research and running

She ends up on the run and ends up dumping the baby mutants in an alley for a night but when she gets back they're gone and she gets caught and killed

But they got picked up by two queer teens who may or may not have been super high

It's set in the dumpster fire state of Florida

It has a similar vigilante theme but it's Florida so when someone comes into a police station screaming about giant mutant animals it's probably cocaine

My idea for it is more that it's a comedy about being a teenager growing up queer and odd family bonds

Any thoughts?

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