Beware of Falling Rubber Sheep (Animation!) by Puca-Puca

Beware of Falling Rubber Sheep (Animation!)


11 January 2019 at 19:53:44 MST

Birthday gift for rednoodleinc rednoodleinc

Little Nerd just doesn't seem to learn his lessons when it comes to those rubber sheep. Frequently transformed into them, engulfed in their rubbery goo and playing host to them, and even after all that he still couldn't resist playing with a soft belly of one after it fell from the sky behind him. Well, hopefully he learns his lesson if he manages to reconstitute himself out of rubber wool!

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    I love how long it was.
    Kind of a surprise, since most rough animations like this end up being incredibly short.

    And I'm not normally into this kind of stuff, but the characters are just so cute.

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      Yeah while I was working on it it just kept getting longer and I kept having more fun with it. Thank you!

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        Aww, you're welcome.