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Carved by P-sebae (critique requested)

Carved (critique requested)


16 May 2015 at 19:32:45 MDT

This is the kind of background I'd like to offer for YCH sales/auctions.
About 5 hours? Something like that, could use a bit more refining but I'm happy with it for now.

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    This looks really nice! Great work with the reflected light, the forms feel very solid. My only critique would be to consider treating the trees in the background through the stone hollow with more lost edges-- right now the leaf size/sharpness is the same as the ones in the foreground, so it compacts the distance slightly. But really stellar study overall!

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      Ah good point thank you, I felt like it was flattened by them, I just wasn't sure how to approach a fix P= I might come back to that later. Cheers!

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        You bet! I am just now learning more about edge control the last few months so it is on my mind. If you want some great insights on that, Greg Manchess is who I've been learning from on such.

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          You are a star, thank you very much, would you mind if I asked you to take another look when I update this?

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            Of course, I'd be happy to!

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              Thank you ^^ I've updated the file here, that article was a really interesting read.

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                Nice, I can tell the difference! Definitely a better sense of depth/space now :) I'm glad the article was of help!

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                  Cheers =D and thanks again for the help!

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                    No problem at all! Let me know if you ever wanna swap crit :)