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Kit and Po (Gem AU) by ProfessorRat

Kit and Po (Gem AU)


Hey look, I finally popped out something related to Steven Universe (sorta)! It's more of a random idea inspired by a Tumblr post with a mutual of mine than anything else, but I'm proud of how it turned out, especially with Po despite the monochrome palette I gave him here.

Their fusion turned out to be a challenge, though, on account of the multiple limbs and mixed color scheme. I think the big ol' Cocoa Puff was worth it, though.

Po is a Black Onyx who rebelled against Homeworld alongside his commanding officer/teacher and fellow warriors; his weapon is a chi dragon he can use to absorb and redirect attacks.

Kit is a Smoky Quartz who's specially trained in piloting flying machines, his main interest being in planes; his weapon is an airfoil (of course) that he can use to whip up small tornadoes.

Their fusion is Brown Aragonite - or Kipo as I've been calling him - who's basically Grizz from We Bare Bears, albeit with a bit more sass. Also yes, his VA is Eric Edelstein. His weapon's a mystical hoverboard that can do the moves of both Kit and Po's weapons and can also lash out waves of chi energy.

Kit belongs to Disney, Po belongs to DreamWorks, and Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network.

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