SLARPG: Faith, Mona, and Noel by ponett

SLARPG: Faith, Mona, and Noel


6 January 2017 at 17:08:23 MST

I keep forgetting to post these here, but here they are! Three new NPCs from Super Lesbian Animal RPG, as seen in the game's first trailer:

Jodie’s girlfriend Faith is probably the most talented magic user in Greenridge, which is why she’s already got a job as Greenridge’s democratically elected town Guardian at age 24. As the island’s last line of defense, Faith knows a wide variety of spells, and she commands the town’s paladins. When she’s not up to her eyeballs in work, Faith enjoys doing a little painting and hanging out with Jodie. She was designed by my boyfriend Anthony​ based on some guidelines from me

Mona is the sole employee of the Greenridge Public Library, where Claire spends much of her time. Claire makes Mona’s job very difficult and they do not get along. Anthony wanted the librarian to be a mouse and provided her design for me, although I ended up tweaking her a bit

And lastly, Noel is a mysterious, plant-like stranger that the gang meets out in the woods. They seem to know a lot about the forest, but they aren’t the most talkative with strangers

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