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(Ref) Hello World! by Pink

(Ref) Hello World!


18 December 2013 at 00:40:11 MST

Pic drawn by   deadboy01

Thanks to him, I now have an awesome first picture/reference of Kip!

Here's a textual reference as well (written by me):

Kip is a cat with light pink fur. Areas such as his stomach, chest, and inside his ears are an off-white, as well as all his foot-paws and part of his hands. Where the light pink and the extremely light pink come together on his legs, there is a very short gradient blending the two colors. His hands are an extremely light pink, except for some of the regular light pink that comes up and makes a slight U shape on the back of his hands. His tail is about normal-long tail length, able to wrap around the back of someone, and is colored all light pink. His ears are normal-sized, he has blue eyes, and he is 6' tall. He is usually always in a good mood and likes the color blue, usually always wearing a blue t-shirt and blue shorts.

A special part about him is that he can become spectral when he needs to, and is able to use green ghost energy when he wants to perform different actions when he is in that state.

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