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Muffin's Slobbery Wet Lips by PiIIow_Monster

Muffin's Slobbery Wet Lips


Lips soaked in dog-like playfulness. A single kiss from Muffin renders you all gooed, leaving objects utterly drenched and gleaming with the traces of his abundant saliva. His lips, perpetually moist thanks to his unique biology, generate constant streams of liquid loveliness.

With each enticing pucker or playful smack, a tiny droplet of saliva escapes, adding a splash of excitement to any encounter. To maintain his adorably drenched appearance, Muffin hydrates exclusively with liquids, ensuring his lips remain eternally succulent and ready for action. Give in to the allure of Muffin's captivatingly wet embrace, surrendering to the exhilarating sensation of being marked by his passionate kisses~

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