Jerry, Eyeball Plant, and Agony Slime Adopts (3/3) by PierceTheReindeer

Jerry, Eyeball Plant, and Agony Slime Adopts (3/3)


17 September 2019 at 16:43:14 MDT

Made some adopts that mainly have red somewhere in their color scheme. I drew them when I was waiting for my D&D to show up some weeks back.

Jerry the Jester, SOLD to StubbornKizer on DA
Description: He works for a (shady) carnival where the rides have questionable safety, rigged games, and gross expensive food. He has to get people to stay and spend money at the carnival to keep it (and himself) afloat.

Eyeball Plant, Price: $15
Description: A weird "plant" that grew eyeballs. When touching said "plant" it feels hard like coral. It started out as a small "plant" that had one eyeball. It seems to follow anyone's movements when someone walks past it. One does wonder what it has seen in the house it lives in.

Agony Slime, Price: $15
Description: This red and blackish slime seems to be miserable and full of agony. Whatever creature sees it will feel sad and just want to be as far away as possible from the slime. The slime seems to be forming many faces. If a part comes off of it, it just makes a new slime. Why is it so sad? Who knows?

If you would like to purchase any of them you can either comment below or message me. First come first serve and Paypal only. More of my adopt rules can be found here