Grinny and Morres by PierceTheReindeer

Grinny and Morres


11 June 2019 at 01:43:27 MDT

Here are Grinny and Morres! Grinny, is the long neck one who is somewhat a hippy. Grinny goes by Xe/Xem pronouns and xyr a scholar (I am not sure what Grinny teaches yet). Grinny enjoys smelling flowers, wearing jewelry, and trying to eat healthy. Morres goes by he/she pronouns he is a physical trainer. She enjoys working out, eating a nice big burger when he feels like he deserves it, and going to bars. They are siblings so they get into sibling arguments such as who is the oldest (truthfully they are both the same age but don’t tell them that unless you are their mom), what to wear (if it conflicts with their jobs then they’ll argue more), and their tastes in people (dating is quite difficult for them since they tastes are pretty different). But what they both agree on is that they both deeply care about their mom. Do not under any circumstances insult their mom. They can both breath fire and they’ll combine their fire when they want. They cannot fly though sadly, they are too big. But they don’t really mind that.

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