Some of My Characters Being Festive by PierceTheReindeer

Some of My Characters Being Festive


21 February 2019 at 03:23:12 MST

Originally posted on my art blog on December 25th, 2018
Some of my ocs being festive! I wanted to draw some of my ocs in the holiday spirit is sorts.

Marty is dressed up for the holiday and every year will wear a different Christmas sweater attire for the annual neighborhood party.

Dante most likely attending a party that he went with some actor buddies of his. He is trying to be seductive with a candy cane to get a laugh out of others.

Mia is enjoying all the food she can eat now since she is a spirit.

Yule wearing a festive choker that she got for her birthday one year. Fun Fact: Her birthday is in December and she always insists celebrating it on Christmas because she feels like it would be easier.

Gim and Fis out caroling. Gim volunteered himself and Fis to go around caroling with a group to help raise money for some sort of charity. Gim is really enjoying it since he loves the holiday season and helping others. Fis not so much. He is tired and cold. He can but also cannot believe that Gim made him go out caroling. Fis hates caroling, winter, the holidays, and just having to do something that doesn’t give him anything. Carolers will at times have this little jar with a lit candle in it (real or fake). Fis was lazy and is using a lighter. He is usually seen with his bowtie on but it would not go with a sweater so he couldn’t wear it (which makes him more annoyed). But he does like the sweater because Gim’s mom knitted Gim and him one. It was the first gift he has ever received in his life.

Just recently, carolers came to my house and sang me and my friends some songs. It was interesting. Anyway, happy holidays everyone!