Fancy Rich Dragon Adopt by PierceTheReindeer

Fancy Rich Dragon Adopt


21 February 2019 at 00:58:14 MST

Originally posted on my art blog on October 20th, 2018

This big squishy 567 years old dragon is one fancy fellow. He loves walking around showing off his jewelry, top hat, diamond eye, and his pearls. “Where are his pearls?” you may ask. Well, they are the white spots on his body. You see, he produces pearls from his body and that is the source of his wealth. Many try to befriend him hoping that he’ll bless them with some pearls but they don’t know it comes with a price. Mainly taking him to expensive restaurants seeing him eats tons upon tons of food (or making him said food), worshiping the ground he walks on, giving him massages (specifically feet based massages), and just being around him for long periods of time. He is a very pompous person and can be quite difficult to deal with.

I am selling him for $25 and if you would like to buy him you can either comment below or message me. Paypal only.