Pink Shell Brown Bead Earrings by PierceTheReindeer

Pink Shell Brown Bead Earrings


4 February 2019 at 19:59:41 MST

Picture was taken on Feburary 9th, 2018 by my friend Kristelle who was helping me with my business and might do more of this with me in the future.
These earrings were inspired by some old earrings that my mom gave to me. The pink with a but of black round flat shells were all connected with pink string. But the string was flimsy and falling apart. When looking at it I thought, "Brown would look good with pink" I looked through what I had and found these pretty slender brown beads that matched perfectly with them. I took the shells off of the string and wire wrapped them with silver wire with the brown beads. All the shells look slightly different which makes them stand out.

You can find Kristelle's photography on tumblr and twitter