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Pernese Dragon and Rider Lineart (2010) by Phyla (critique requested)

Pernese Dragon and Rider Lineart (2010) (critique requested)


6 March 2013 at 15:29:07 MST

The color version is pretty basic. The riding straps need major modifications. I figure this is a weyrling, so these might be training or non-fighting straps, hence exposed metal.

Dragonriders of Pern is copyright of Anne McCaffrey and The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey.

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    I love this: the relaxed weyrling and his loving dragon. I especially enjoy the look on the young rider's face and his posture against his dragon. As far as critique goes, I can only add what I know from reading the books. The straps fit around the neck of the dragon, and the rider sits in the space between two neck ridges (which is also a vulnerable point for a dragon's back to be broken per TSOP). The straps are padded with fleece to avoid chafing the dragon's hide, and all weyrlings are taught leathercraft to make sets of their own. I think the metal is fine, after all, metal is not affected by Thread, so it would make sense to have it reinforce key points of safety straps. Anyway, your work is awesome, especially the three dimensional renderings. What is your address for commissions? I tried the one listed as a URL, but it did not load. So I don't know if this is out of date, or if you are no longer taking commissions. Would you contact me? Thank you kindly.