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Six Character Fanart Thing by Phraggle

Six Character Fanart Thing


12 April 2020 at 17:23:13 MDT

Um-k. I did one. It's prolly the most bizarre group pf characters I've ever drawn. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. I had way too many to choose from.

So, we've got...

1. Esmeralda from Disney's " The Hunchback of Notre Dame ".

2. " Adult " Pebbles from those 1970s Flintstone cartoons where the kids were grown up.

3. King K. Rool. I dunno who he is but I felt like drawing a fat alligator. :D

4. SkekTek from " The Dark Crystal ". Those bastids are hard to draw. :D

5. Inspector Gadget. Need I say more?

6. Ren Hoek. I have a few plush Rens but this one is drawn from this water squirting Ren I got from Media Play 3,300 years ago. They had to make him bloated so he could hold water. :D


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    ~laughs~ Oh lawd, I remember seeing the 70's Flintsones. And Kudos for drawing a Skeksis! And double-Kudos for hiding Foof where you did. ;)

    It's a very diverse group, but you managed them all really well! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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      Thanks so much for lookin'! I miss those dumb '70s Flintstone 'toons. :D