Lom Pyke by Phraggle

Lom Pyke


30 July 2018 at 16:57:28 MDT

Here's Lom Pyke of the Pyke Syndicate from " Star Wars, The Clone Wars ". The Pykes show up on Kessel in " Solo, A Star Wars Story " too. Lom is dead by then though. * raises a glass for Lom * Since these guys deal in spice, and well, in " The Clone Wars " anyway, kinda act like stoners, ( Lom does anyway ), I think they were sorta designed to look like " hookah-smoking caterpillars ". I could be wrong though. I've wanted to draw Lom in this series forever now but it's taken a long time for me to understand his head. I got lotsa reference on him now. :D