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Zillo Beast by Phraggle

Zillo Beast


2 April 2018 at 10:47:48 MDT

This is THE Zillo Beast featured in the second season of " Star Wars, The Clone Wars ". He's the Godzilla of Star Wars. Rawr.
Also, just for poops and giggles, this is the 200th umm... piece/submission/addition in my Star Wars series. I've actually drawn more than 200 characters at this point cuz I did a few with multiple characters but as far as celebrating arbitrary numbers is concerned, this one is #200. * GONG! * If you have found Foof, he's technically gigantic in this pic cuz the Zillo Beast is rather sizeable in... size.


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    Woof, show's how close I watch some shows/characters. I never knew this beast had an actual 'tail' like that. Probably getting distracted with the unique tri arrangement up front and just imprinted that at the back too, heh!

    So when is Attack of the Fifty Foot Foofosaurus comming to our screens? Or Attack of the Fifty Foofs, heh!

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      Heh, well, I couldn't have told you he had a tail like that either until I looked at some pics and stuff. ( I think I drew it almost right :D ). Or just When Foofs Attack. :D