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Grand Moff Tarkin by Phraggle

Grand Moff Tarkin


13 November 2016 at 16:26:39 MST

Here's Grand Moff Tarkin from the original Star Wars. So evil. So severe. So British.


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    Without doubt, one of mt absolute favorite villains in Star Wars. His backstory, provided by James Luceno in the book named after him, is fascinating. He justifies his actions thusly: "Then evil will have to do." To him, the ends always justify the means, and if evil and cruelty bring stability to a galaxy still reeling from the Clone Wars, so be it. He and Krennic think a lot alike in that regard ("You have to start somewhere") so it's amusing they were rivals, rather than cooperating.

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      So, is that book okay? My friend described it as " god awful " but I'm thinking I'm gonna hafta judge it for myself.

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        I'm not sure why they'd call it godawful, unless they're disappointed that it focuses on a character who isn't a Jedi or a Sith. All I can say is I, personally, loved it.

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          That's cool. Now I wanna have a look at it. I'm reading " A New Dawn " right now. The I wanna get the prequel to Rogue One and then the novelization of Rogue One. :-)

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            Catalyst is a kickass novel, too! I liked it as much as Tarkin. :)

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              I gotta read 'em!