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Altered Nelvaan Warrior by Phraggle

Altered Nelvaan Warrior


4 January 2016 at 17:07:32 MST

Um-K. Uhhhhh..... this is from the original, " Dexter's Laboratory " animated version of " The Clone Wars " cartoon... well, it's from the 2nd season actually. Ummm... lemme see if the Interweb has some info on these so I don't hafta think so much. * googles * GADS! The Interweb is useless! UGHHHHH! I'm too inebriated for this! * centers self * Alright, during the almost-end of the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker, after having some sort of prophetic vision, wound up freeing these blue, " furry" dudes from being turned into giant, mutated, cyborg monsters by the evil Separatist-supporting Techno Union. The Nelvaanian people were these blue, dog-like, native American-like tribes ... folk of the planet Nelvaan. This dude is what one of them looked like before Ani convinced him & his bros to tear out their cyborg, weapon implants. I highly recommend watching the original Clone Wars cartoons as they are quite brilliant and I'm just not in a place right now to properly sell said brilliance. * wink *

On a different note, I've always suspected that these guys were named after the Canadian animation studio, Nelvana of which animated the 'lil animated bit of the Star Wars Holiday Special as well as the '80s " Ewoks " & " Droids " cartoon series. An homage if you will. I dunno if it's true though.

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    Oh my how much I loved this cartoon, and its gruesome, raw, animation style that felt so similar to Samurai Jack, another cartoon I loved (Though I heard one of the animators from Samurai Jack worked for this Star Wars cartoon too!)

    Wonderful work you have here, exquisite and overtly finespun, and it enthralled me so much that it won my favourite.

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      That would be probably be Gennedy Tartakovsky, who did this, Samurai Jack, and Dexter's Laboratory.

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      Sweet! Thanks so much. :D

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    I remember that episode. Great work!

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      Thanks. That series is one of my favorite Star Wars... things. :D