Jade The Giant-Killer by PhialeOfMystery

Jade The Giant-Killer


20 September 2015 at 19:13:35 MDT

A redesign of an old character, Jade! A day too late for International Red Panda Day, but it's the thought that counts.

Anyway, this is a bit of a different take on the character. Instead of just external powered armor, she's now a heavily augmented cyborg, hence the skin seams and those little nubs on various parts of her body, which serve as mounting/interface points for additional equipment, as well as heavier powered armor, should she ever need it.

Unlikely, considering she can already lift about 30 tons and her skin and fur are resistant to most small arms. Plus, her job involves taking down opponents many, many times larger than herself, Shadow of The Colossus-style, so weight is a factor.

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    You know, this sort of reminds me of Metal Gear Rising Raiden where the man can rip off a Metal Gear Ray's blade are which is building size and fucking wield it like nothing, oh and can brake dance with smaller Gears attached to his legs.

    Though, I kind of wonder, since she is a cyborg, does she still have her naughty bits and to what extent does she even still have a desire to use them as she is more machine and thus logical then organic and emotional.

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      This actually was partly inspired by some Metal Gear designs, particularly Raiden! An early version of this pic even had a sword across her back. Still kinda does, they're just beam-swords now, hence the handles.

      She probably still has functional naughty bits. Most of my full-on robots do, after all, so I don't see why a cyborg wouldn't. :p I don't imagine her brain was modified much either (beyond a neural interface for those ports), so she'd still have a sex drive and everything.

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        Ah, so my guesses were rather spot on. Well, i mean, the naughty bits a sexual aspect is one i just cant see machines emulating. This os still pretty cool.