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Pokesonna by PheonixFire




the best thing I have ever gotten online EVAR! I commissioned vibrantechoes vibrantechoes for a pokesonna design, and she worked with me to come up with this fucking adorable little shit right here :D

I went with shiny fennekin since I loooove red and grey together, and personally I prefer cooler tones with red ^-^ .....I don't think this design will evolve tho cause as much as I like not to fond of braixen and delphox's shiny versions

heres her info:

Name: Pheonix (pheenie or pheo are acceptable)

Species: Fennekin (fox pokemon)

Gender: Female

Age: 21 (hatched January 24th, 1993)

Level: 24

Nature: Quirky

Height: 1'04"

Weight: 20.7 lbs

Ability: Blaze

Moveset: Flame charge, Psybeam, Scratch, Flamethrower TM

Personality: Can be silly and super random at times, is never afraid to laugh and enjoy life...however..she can be alittle moody at times and for certain thing have a quick temper. Normally level headed but and pleasant, but hates confrontation and fighting. Stand firmly on her opinions but accepts other views as their own...and will defend a persona right to have said opinion, whether she agrees or not.

Loyal to her friends and very protective of those she cares about. Is shy when meeting new people in person, but will try to act friendly as she can.

Nervous about a lot and can be self-conscious, she tries her hardest to please those she likes, but cross her too many time and there will be no re-gaining her respect or trust.

Other: Always wears the spiked collar around her neck. Usually wears arm warmers but can also be seen without them on occasion

art owned by vibrantechoes vibrantechoes
character/sonna owned by me ^-^
shiny fennekin owned by Nintendo

please go and favorite the original >w< Vi totally deserves it <3

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