Ocean Blue by PheeBaDohDoh (critique requested)

Ocean Blue (critique requested)


15 June 2014 at 16:54:26 MDT

I didnt watch Digimon as a kid, so I'm watching it with my wifeu as she rewatches it.

Gomamon is my baby I love this lil shit

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    I did that with my friend (my friend being in your position), it was a really fun experience. I hope you enjoy it! It's one of my favorite cartoons ♥

    I really like this picture, the line of motion is very evident and the waves look really nice! If you don't mind me adding in (it says critique requested, so I hope you don't mind ;w;) I would probably add some more bubbles or just something to show that he is in motion, swimming through the water. The lighting is spectacular, on the other hand, the way it hits him from above, and the lines on his tail where the light shimmers through the water.

    Great piece!

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      ah thank you~ that means a lot~
      And thanks for the critique!! ;w; alrighty, I'll keep that in mind for next time~ and possibly fix the image when I'm not lazy, lol

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    This turned out so lovely! He was always one of my fave Digimon and this really captures just how wonderful he is. ^^

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    Gosh, I love the lighting and movement in this picture so much. Between the curves of the waves and the light pattern on Gomamon's back, I just get such strong feelings of a sunny day at the beach. Probably one of my favorite pictures of Gomamon I've seen. c: